BIRD BOY LOVE  new arrival in C86 8/17

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i’ve been marathoning bob’s burgers for three days

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“Storytelling is pretty much the same regardless of the medium, but the amount of multidiscipline collaboration needed on a CG movie is greater.  There are more people involved in each decision, because we have people dealing with hair and cloth and lighting.  Any one decision can impact something you didn’t realize could be impacted. -Peter Del Vecho, Frozen producer

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Elsa Reveal |

I hate to be the one that says someone looks a bit old for a role, but I hope the story/acting makes up for the odd casting.

Maybe I’m so used to seeing young Elsa cosplayers, let alone someone like Anna Faith who made the news even. It’s almost jarring after half a year of seeing women in their early to late twenties dressing up like Elsa. 

Anyway, here’s hoping this doesn’t ruin the franchise and cheapen the memories. 

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The Real Stories Behind 9 Disney Movies

Disney draws their movie plots from classic fairy tales, but they often take artistic license. And by “take artistic license,” I mean they leave out important details, like if the main character dies or if the world is a miserable, unfair place.

To read more real stories, click here!

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sad dink man stuck in a block drinking his tears so he doesn’t drown

this was going to be my submission for loopdeloop’s june/july theme but i finished a couple days late! i hope i can still make it in though!

there’s a version with sound too if you want to hear me crying hahah ;D

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